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Brule River Riders, NE Quadrant
Friday February 14,  2020

Trail 1 Groomed Thursday, Feb 13.
Trail 2 (TCC) West end groomed Sunday evening. East end groomed Thursday Feb 13.
Trail 4 Groomed Brule to Warming Shelter, Thursday Feb 13.
Trail 6 Groomed Thursday Feb 13.
Trail 24 Groomed Thursday, Feb 13.
Trail 27/27A Groomed Thursday Feb 13
Trail 35 (WRT) Grooming Tuesday, Feb 11.
Trail 235 Groomed Monday, Feb 11.

Some high traffic areas have developed scattered icy corners.
Groomers are avoiding the logging job between Hwy D and Trail 24. Use Trail 6 and the South Shore Grade Rd
Caution Watch for Logging:
On the west end of Trail 6. Truck traffic only.
On Trail 4 between Trail 6 and Hwy P.  Trucks traffic only.
Logging operations with truck traffic on Trail 4 between Hwy D and Trail 24.






Click here to view Douglas County's weekly trail conditions update!

The Brule River Riders Snowmobile Club is responsible for the following trails in the northeast Douglas County:

Trail 1 in the Brule State Forest from Trail 2 (Tri County Corridor) north five miles to the Brule River.

Trail 2 (Tri County Corridor) Brule to Superior.

Trail 2 B from Trail 2 to Barkers Island.

Trail 4 from Brule to Trail 41 (Warming Shelter)

Trail 6 thru Lake Nebagamon.

Trail 24 from Poplar to Trail 4.

Trails 27 and 27A in the Brule River State Forest, from Brule to Lake St. Croix near Solon Springs. Along with connectors to Bayfield County Trails 18 and B 24.

Trail 35 (Wild Rivers Trail)  from north trail head to Trail 4 East. (northern 18 miles)

Trail 235 between Trail 2 (Tri-County Corridor) and Trail 35 (Wild Rivers Trail).

Trail 635 between Lake Nebagamon and Lake Minnesuing. A non funded trail connecting the two lakes.


During Summer months we maintain the northern 18 miles of Trail 35 (Wild Rivers Trail) and most of the maintenance on Trail 2 (Tri County Corridor) from Brule to Superior.

The Brule River Riders Snowmobile club is the proud owner of 4 trail groomers.
2 -2000 New Holland Sur-Tracs, 1 - 2011 John Deere 6430 4WD tractor equipped with Soucy Tracks and 1 2017 John Deere 6130R 4WD tractor along with a variety of mowers and graders.